Natural Remedies to Repel Mosquitoes

It is the summertime! And many of us are off on holiday to hot, sunny destinations! If you are visiting hot countries such as Spain or Italy you may find yourself being attacked by mosquitoes. It is useful to be prepared with natural remedies to repel mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes bites you and suck your blood. In order to suck your blood, mosquitoes inject a blood thinning protein into your body to stop the wound from clotting. Many people are allergic to this anti-clotting protein and break out in big yellow blisters and swelling. An allergic reaction to mosquito bites is known as Skeeter Syndrome.

My Story

Recently I went on holiday to Spain and discovered that I had multiple bites on my ankles after an evening out. Unfortunately my foot swelled up and I had to stay inside with my feet up and rest for a week. After a visit to the hospital I was told to put my foot in an ice bath when I am not going out to cool the heat and reduce the swelling. They also asked me to stay out of the sun and take anti-histamine medication until the swelling went down. Also I paid a visit to a health foods shop called Ecorganic and spoke to a Spanish Naturopath who recommended that I take a natural mosquito repellent spray and used lavender oil to reduce itchiness on the mosquito bites. However I was afraid to go outside in case I got bitten again!

Therefore I started researching natural remedies to repel mosquitoes. Furthermore I even spoke to the local Spanish to ask them what natural remedies to repel mosquitoes they use.

Here are 10 effective natural remedies to repel mosquitoes:

  1. Natural mosquito repellent spray – after visiting a health foods shop called Ecorganic and speaking to a Naturopath, she recommended a natural mosquito repellent spray that lasts for 6 hours. I found that it was very effective and the mosquitoes did not come near me after spraying my legs and arms.
  2. Garlic – eat one raw, garlic clove daily to repel mosquitoes. You can chop up the garlic clove into small pieces and swallow with a glass of water.  The garlic seeps out in your sweat and the mosquitoes don’t like it.
  3. Grapefruit – eat grapefruit as it contains a chemical that mosquitoes do not like.
  4. Avoid eating sweet, sugar foods – mosquitoes like sweet blood. They can smell the sugar in your sweat.
  5. Citronella essential oil – you can apply citronella essential oil diluted in a carrier oil to your legs and arms. Mosquitoes don’t like the smell of citronella or lemon.
  6. Cover your legs –  mosquitoes tend to bite your legs. They are smart and know that you can’t see your legs if your are sitting at a table. Also you tend to move your arms so they can’t land on them and can be seen. You can wear long trousers, skinny jeans or a long skirt to cover your legs.
  7. Don’t go outside after 4pm – mosquitoes tend to come out at dusk and dawn so avoid going out at these times if possible.
  8. Sit underneath a ceiling fan – mosquitoes can’t fly in even the slightest breeze.
  9. Keep still – mosquitoes are drawn to lactic acid in your sweat which is produced after you exercise. I discovered that I had 7 mosquitoes bites on my legs after a night out dancing!
  10. Plants – you can place mosquito repelling plants in areas where you regularly sit. Mosquito repelling plants include basil.


For More Information

In conclusion I hope these tips help you to be prepared for preventing mosquitoes bites before you go on holiday to a hot country!

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