Below are a selection of testimonials from Kate’s clients:


Peter M

“I was happy with the health advice that Kate provided me with. I have acted on it and benefited from it. Furthermore I would recommend her as she is very knowledgeable and helpful.”


Abigail T

“Kate was really helpful in helping me combat my fatigue, she provided me with a diet and supplement plan that was very in-depth but also easy to follow. Since doing the plan with Kate I have had a lot more energy to do the things I love. Kate was very knowledgeable and provided me with lots of helpful information. I’m very glad that I went to see Kate and I recommend her highly.”


Sharmilaa M

“Thank you so much for the advice which was very detailed and useful for my weight loss as well as for the problem I have on my uterus.”


Michaela F

“I feel amazing since following the plan. I have more energy and was able to do the gardening. My stomach has improved. Thank you for all that you are doing it is really working.”


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