Learn How To Recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Get Your Energy Back Quickly Using A Proven System That Has Been Specifically Developed For Tired Woman Just Like You

Hi there! My name is Kate and I am a Nutritional Therapist and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome recoverer.

My Story

During my university placement year, I suffered with extreme tiredness, brain fog, poor concentration, muscle twitches, insomnia, cold hands and feet, sensitivity to light and sound as well as other symptoms.


I remember when I first went to the doctor and told him my symptoms. He gave me tetracycline antibiotics to take for the acne. He also told me to keep a food diary for a few months and then get back to him. I felt really alone and unsupported and didn’t know what was happening to me.


Back then I had very low self-esteem and pushed myself to please others, doing what was expected of me without questioning what I wanted to do. So I carried on working hard studying for my chemistry degree and working full-time on my industrial placement year at the same time, even though I could barely concentrate. I started collapsing suddenly as I was so weak.


Anyway I took the antibiotics and they killed off the bad infection. However they also wiped out the good bacteria in my gut so the opportunistic yeast Candida Albicans overran my gut.


Eventually I became so ill in December 2008 that I was unable to work or look after myself. So my parents brought me back home. My Mum had to care for me for 6 months. I was too weak to stand up and walk to the kitchen to get a drink or make food. Therefore I was confined to either my bed or sitting on the sofa in front of the TV.


The doctors carried out diagnostic tests for the duration of a year which all came back negative. However I had one positive IgA antibody blood test result for Coeliac disease. So I immediately removed wheat from my diet. However by the time I had the endoscopy, my gut lining was normal so I was not diagnosed with Coeliac disease. This is when my passion for cooking began as I began experimenting with wheat-free alternatives and baking my own bread with gluten-free flour.


Finally a neurologist in London diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in December 2009. The only treatment they could offer me was antidepressants and that said it would take time to improve.



I took charge of my health!

At this point I took charge of my own health. And with the little energy that I did have, I began researching about M.E. I signed up to an M.E monthly newsletter and in one issue it mentioned that acupuncture can help. So my Mum booked an appointment for me to see a local acupuncturist.


I found that the acupuncture only provided temporary relief, and was not helpful in the long term. However the acupuncturist noticed that I had severe digestive issues and recommended that I go and see a Nutritionist.


This was the key to my recovery as the Nutritionist used a bio-resonance machine to detect that my body was overrun with multiple viruses including Epsteinn Barr virus and Cytomegalovirus and Candida. She also discovered that I had several food intolerances to sugar, yeast, cow’s milk and beef. I immediately cut out the offending foods and wondered what on Earth I could eat as everything seemed to have sugar in it. I remember when I cut out processed sugar I had the shakes for a day like I was coming off a drug. As a replacement I ate fruit such as dried apricots.


After about 3 months of changing my diet and taking supplements to help my body fight off the Epsteinn Barr virus, Cytomegalovirus and Candida, I felt better and had so much more energy and my brain fog had cleared! I returned to see the Nutritionist and she noted a marked improvement in my health. Furthermore, within a year I was able to go back to work and get my life back!

12 Week Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Programme

Are you ready to get your energy and your life back? Do you want to get rid of your fatigue quickly and save years of your life? If so, keep reading.


This ground-breaking programme is evolving the way people view ME/CFS. In fact, it is a revolutionary way to achieve increased energy while regaining your health.


Never again will you decline an invitation to a social event because you’re exhausted. With this programme, you can think clearly again and get back to studying to complete your university degree and make your parents proud! Life happens and there are many reasons why you may have developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME.


This programme is your rescue jacket. You’re going to indulge in delicious, whole foods and get rid of your fatigue at the same time. You will feel energised, focused and regain your joy for life. Your social life will improve and so will your health.


So what’s the catch?


Your commitment. We provide you with the magic wand to ME/CFS recovery. Well, sort of.  Our magic wand is a series of tools and steps that are easy to understand and implement into everyday life- no matter how busy you are!

Here’s what’s included in the 12 Week Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Programme:

  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Recipe eBook
  • Food Journal
  • Weekly Shopping Lists
  • Fortnightly Education Handout, Supplement Plan or Recipe
  • Accountability, Motivation and Support
  • Quickstart Guide: 10-Minute Kitchen Clean Out – reduce temptation to binge on sugary snacks and start afresh by decluttering your kitchen cupboards!
  • Weeks 1&2: Anti-Candida Supplement Plan – boost your immune system and get rid of your Candida once and for all!
  • Week 3&4: Candida Die-Off Symptom Support – speed up your Candida die-off symptoms and beat sugar cravings!
  • In Week 5&6: How to Avoid Food Intolerances – learn how to avoid hidden sources of common food intolerances wheat and dairy and reduce bloating, brain fog and other digestive issues.
  • Week 7&8: How to Heal Leaky Gut – fight fatigue by healing your gut and prevent future food intolerances.
  • Week 9&10: Support the Good Guys in the Gut – feed your good bacteria with fermented foods and probiotics for a healthy gut and happy mind. Boost your mood and improve  your digestion.
  • Week 11&12: Re-Introducing Food Intolerances – learn how to carefully re-introduce your favourite foods so you will never react to them again!

The Spring Sale for the 12 Week Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Programme ends on Friday 16th March at 23:59pm GMT, so don’t delay!

Get all of this now for only £97 (worth £299!)

This science-based programme is different because it focuses on lifestyle changes, not theories that don’t apply to real life.


Your commitment to this programme, and your health, has to be driven by an internal desire to be the best you possible –especially if you have children or are planning to have children.


Not only is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME scary- it’s costly! It also makes you lose your independence. You’re left at the mercy of caregivers, healthcare professionals, and family members who (even with the best intentions) won’t understand your illness.


You can do this!


You have the power to follow the programme’s simple and yummy meals plans. The done-for-you recipe book is empowering and easy to follow. Your food journal helps you identify and correct unhealthy eating habits.


You also will receive real-world shopping lists that can be applied to any supermarket.


THE BEST PART: You won’t have to spend extra money and drive to the end of the Earth to find the foods recommended by this programme. We provide an easy-to-buy guide for whole foods that get rid of candida and fight fatigue and are offered at your regular supermarket.

The trailblazing programme also delivers educational handouts. You will not have to question “why” we are suggesting certain foods or techniques. We provide the complimentary information so you not only follow this programme, but you understand it!


You are not alone with this programme.


While you are your only advocate in life, we are going to provide you with unlimited support. This programme comes with a cheerleading team that will encourage you during the good times and support you when times become stressful or temptation rears its ugly head!

You have to be in charge of you! You are not going to recover from ME/CFS simply because you buy this programme! Moreover you have to implement it and here’s why you should;

  • It helps you choose foods that support digestion and dramatically reduce gas, bloating and brain fog.
  • It provides you with a feeling of relief knowing which strategic foods you should be eating at each of your meals and snacks
  • You will understand how to combine foods to promote balanced blood sugar levels
  • You will learn how to banish sugar cravings and mid-afternoon energy slumps with our well balanced PM snack suggestions
  • Also you will gain a solid understanding of your own physiological so that you can combat and kill food cravings without binging
  • You can avoid falling asleep later on in the evening when you follow our personalised plan detailing foods easily found at any supermarket
  • You will learn to eat whole foods the reduce inflammation allowing your body to function optimally
  • Furthermore you will discover the keys to boosting your energy and sustaining it throughout the day with improved health all through eating food you love that is easily found at any supermarket.

STOP doing what you know. Start learning how to grow.


Commit to a healthier life that allows positive energy and good things to come your way. When you feel good, positive energy follows and amazing things happen to you!

Think about it… When you’re having a bad day it always seems like there is one thing after another. When you have a great day and you feel good, you attract so much more out of life! You sparkle, you shine and you’re building great habits for your future!


When you regain your vitality you could go travelling or have a new career or maybe just do everyday stuff in the home and garden and being able to go out socially rather than having to keep cancelling.

The 12 Week Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Programme will also help you to;

  • Increase your energy
  • Decrease PMS and menopausal symptoms
  • Support the cardiovascular system
  • Heal digestive system complaints
  • Improve bowel function
  • And much more!

This time next week your body can be in a better place. Candida and viral infections will die off from cleansing your body. You will feel healthier and happier.

This time next week you can reflect on today and pat yourself on the back for being proactive about your health.

Walk out the house with your head held high and full of energy months, if not weeks, from now!

Success Stories

“Kate was really helpful in helping me combat my fatigue, she provided me with a diet and supplement plan that was very in-depth but also easy to follow. Since doing the plan with Kate I have had a lot more energy to do the things I love. Kate was very knowledgeable and provided me with lots of helpful information. I’m very glad that I went to see Kate and I recommend her highly.”.
Abigail Thackeray
“I feel amazing since following the plan. I have more energy and was able to do the gardening. My stomach has improved. Thank you for all that you are doing it is really working.”
Michaela Funnell

The Spring Sale for the 12 Week Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Programme ends on Friday 16th March at 23:59pm GMT, so don’t delay!

Get all of this now for only £97 (worth £299!)

Life is change. No one is ever happy or healthy when they stay the same. This progressive programme is everyday-friendly and doesn’t feel like work. You won’t bore your taste buds and you won’t feel like you’re on a diet- because you’re not!

Are you ready to introduce yourself to a new and healthier way of life?

Are you ready to get out in the world and live again?

Also are you ready to be the best you possible?

Are you ready to walk into your next doctor’s appointment only to proudly announce that you’ve taken charge of your health?

Remember, this is a revolutionary lifestyle change- not a quick fad diet that only leaves you with chronic Candida and fatigue again. Your health is worth way more than the affordable cost of the programme.

Click your way to a new you and take advantage of all that is included with this programme;

  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Recipe eBook
  • Food Journal
  • Weekly Shopping Lists
  • Fortnightly Education Handout, Supplement Plan or Recipe
  • Accountability, Motivation and Support

The Spring Sale for the 12 Week Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Programme ends on Friday 16th March at 23:59pm GMT, so don’t delay!

Get all of this now for only £97 (worth £299!)

Bonus #1

When you order the 12 Week Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Programme you will receive a free copy of my 40 page How I Healed ME eBook!

Read my story of how I became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and my journey through the illness. You can learn exactly what natural healing methods I used over a 3 year period to recover from my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

Money Back Guarantee

I know you’ve probably tried things in the past, and maybe you’re new to me and want to try me on for size.

So let’s agree right now. Follow the 12 Week Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Programme. Commit to it. Really give it a shot. And if the benefits just aren’t there for you, even though your heart is in it and you’ve followed the meal plans to a T, you’ll get your money back. I guarantee it.


Who is the 12 Week Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Programme Right for?

Women who are housebound with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, M.E or Fibromyalgia and unable to work. You have symptoms including constant exhaustion, brain fog, bloating, unrefreshing sleep, dizziness and poor memory. You have tried everything and got nowhere.

Men can take part, but bear in mind that the meal plans are based on the daily requirements for women, so you would need to eat an extra 2x healthy snacks daily.


Who is the programme not for?

  • People who believe they can’t get well and that ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia is a lifelong condition.
  • People who don’t want to get well and get back into society.
  • Those who are currently taking a course of antibiotics.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or trying to get pregnant.

What If I Have Questions… Do You Offer Ongoing Support?

Yes I will offer you email support for quick questions. However if you require more support, I recommend my 3- or 4-month discounted coaching package. See the Nutrition Consultations page for more information.


Are The Meal Plans Gluten Free?

Yes, they are gluten-free. I’ve made sure that the meal plans are 100% gluten-free but they are no carb or grain free. I’ve included gluten-free carbs and grains.