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3 Simple Tips to Fight Fatigue

Hi, I'm Kate

I’m a Nutritional Therapist and chronic fatigue recoverer based in Crawley.  I help tired women in their 50s with brain fog and bloating to have more energy to exercise more and get things done by using my 12 point fatigue-fighting system.

That used to be me, tired all the time, foggy and bloated. I felt like a zombie sitting on the sofa at the end of the day. 

Once I learned how to recover from chronic fatigue using nutrition, I was able to exercise more, spend quality time with family and friends, achieve more and get things done. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned!

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Client Feedback

My energy level has gone from 1/10 to 7/10 in 4 months. I'm going on walks. I can think about running again. I joined a netball team. I'm feeling more positive. It's made me realise what I can do and what I can control. I've got all the things I need. I consciously make changes and I'm feeling better. It made such a big difference. Thank you, I appreciate it.
Sian Barker
I was concerned that the programme was going to involve restricting certain foods, etc. for the 12 weeks and that coming up very soon were a lot of family birthdays that may make it difficult. However I found that the programme did fit in with my day to day life. Drinking more green tea, feeling more hydrated, calmer and my skin was plumper. Also I tried not drinking with meals, which left me less bloated. Overall I have found that my diarrhoea has become a bit better.
Jenny Godfrey