Below are a selection of testimonials from Kate’s clients:


Peter Munro, Crawley

“I was happy with the health advice that Kate provided me with. I have acted on it and benefited from it. Furthermore I would recommend her as she is very knowledgeable and helpful.”


Abigail Thackeray, Madehurst

“Kate was really helpful in helping me combat my fatigue, she provided me with a diet and supplement plan that was very in-depth but also easy to follow. Since doing the plan with Kate I have had a lot more energy to do the things I love. Kate was very knowledgeable and provided me with lots of helpful information. I’m very glad that I went to see Kate and I recommend her highly.”


Michaela Funnell, Crawley

“I feel amazing since following the plan. I have more energy and was able to do the gardening. My stomach has improved. Thank you for all that you are doing it is really working.”


A.P, Crawley

“I come back to you because you are very knowledgeable. You are kind and I can tell you want to help me. Thank you for your time and seeing me at short notice. I will give your phone number out to my friends.”


J.C, Salfords

  “Although I haven’t been with Kate for very long, my association with her has been nothing but positive as my main problem has been with weight and also, due to being just into my 70s I have gained some really bad habits with regard to the type of food I was eating.
   In my first week I lost 6 lbs. and this is only due to Kate’s knowledge and encouragement.  She has suggested that I email her every week with weight results and I know that this will keep me on the straight and narrow.  Kate has also sent me various tools to help me in my quest to improve my diet and for this I am really grateful to her.  I would add here that I have found Kate extremely approachable and helpful; I know that I can contact her at any time and that she will be coming back to me with any advice that I may need at the time.
With regards to her knowledge, she has helped me to readjust my thinking about food.  I don’t really know how this has happened so quickly but it is a great feeling and this has helped so much with my self confidence.  I think the results so far speak for themselves.
   Kate has achieved the best and most positive attitude in my mind which has been sadly lacking for the past 20 years.  Long may it continue.”


Vasilica Burlacu, Horley

“Thank you for all the useful information you have shared with me. I feel more confident and a lot better since I started following the weight loss meal plan. I lost over 1 stone in the first month. My asthma has gone and I’m able to walk without getting out of breath.  I no longer need to use my inhalers everyday. My joint pain has improved as I have lost weight. With the meal plans to follow, I feel that I can continue on this healthy diet in the long-term.”


Janice Eckersley, Morpeth

“Kate is lovely and very knowledgeable lady and friendly in everything she says and has given me so much advice on nutrition, supplements, and what to eat, protein, etc so very helpful and nothing is ever too much and I have learnt a lot and I am still learning now. She points me in the right direction. Very friendly and open lady.”


S. Ahmed, Crawley

“I’ve been a lot better with the meal plan and have lost around 6 pounds which has stayed off for a while! My swelling has massively reduced in my legs every day and my latest bloods are improved. Less albumin is leaking! Woohoo! And it’s all because I came to see you! Thank you so much for your help.”


Mr Danny Moore, Littlehampton

“I suffered from a “rumbling stomach” during the night and this would disturb my sleeping pattern. Kate O’Riordan talked to me about the good and bad bacteria which we all have in our digestive systems. She recommended I took Acidophilus as I had more bad bacteria than good. Since taking the tablets the problems I was suffering with have subsided and this was only after three days and I have now been on them for three weeks. I am sleeping more or less through the night now.”


Jessica Ryan, Horley

“Since I started with Kate a month ago, I’ve lost 1 stone. The dinner salad recipes from the meal plan are quick and tasty. I never thought I would crave an omelette! My headaches are not as often. I’ve only had two this week and I was having them everyday. I’ve been able to reduce my migraine medication. I have better energy and I’m not having to sleep so much. Overall I’m feeling better in the day.”


Elisabete Miguel, Forgewood

“I followed the plan and my heartburn has gone! I don’t feel sick all the time. Also I’m more regular. I’m sleeping better and I feel less stressed. Thank you for your help.


Valerie Mills, Horley

“I felt apprehensive about whether it would work, but it did! I’m glad I came to see Kate. I feel energised. Over the last month I’ve lost nearly a stone. The water retention in my legs has gone down and I’m able to walk up the stairs one by one.  I now have the energy to exercise and I’m going out more.”


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